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Meme: Jason Russell – Kony Founder Runs Around Half Naked In The Streets Of Pacific Beach

Published on March 17, 2012 in Funny, Kony 2012, Memes

We have been posting memes about Kony 2012 for the past week since it went viral. Well today we just heard some astonishing news. Jason Russel,l the showman for Kony 2012, was detained in Pacific Beach Thursday for being drunk and inappropriate in public. He was reported to have been running down the street half naked and vandalizing cars.  The Kony crew issued a statement saying that he was under severe emotional stress and that caused him to act out. Russell was reported to have been acting very strange, other reports say he was suspected of being on hard drugs. I don’t know all the details but its a fact that Jason Russel was acting out of his mind and was detained.

Its pretty embarrassing, if a random person ran naked in the street we wouldn’t care, but when you have the spotlight of 100 million people on you, typically you should avoid doing anything ridiculously stupid. Well I guess that life anyways, I have a nice meme to get us started, I’m sure our team here at iProcrast will have a few more in the next 24 hours.

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